Finding a house in London

An afternoon in South Kensington.

Even before we touched down at Gatwick, we knew we had to find a house in London quickly.  Staying in hostels or hotels for any amount of time is expensive and exhausting, and job hunting without a fixed address can be difficult. Moreover, we had been warned that house hunting in London can be one of life’s most frustrating endeavors. For starters, real estate in London is heinously expensive. This is not news and has been well documented elsewhere. My hope before moving over was that Brexit would lead to some downward pressure on housing prices. This appears to be happening, but it has yet to affect the rental market.

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The Storm

As I said in the last post, we are officially in London.

We took a night flight from Toronto to Gatwick.  Becky’s mom was able to take a half day off and drove down with Alex’s parents to Toronto Airport.  The morning, for both of us, was spent doing the last minute packing and getting some exercise.  Alex went on a run and Becky did a workout at home, then went on a long walk around town.

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