Biking London

A row of Santander rental bikes.

After a month in the city, I was still equivocating on cycling in London. I liked the concept, but I had hardly ridden a bike since my days commuting from Little Italy to the University of Toronto campus in 2011-12. Add in London’s heavy traffic and narrow roads, and you get a potentially harrowing experience — and that’s before we’ve even started talking about biking on the left! Continue reading “Biking London”

Running London

Running up the Mall toward Buckingham Palace.

Distance running is one of the best ways to discover a new city. You see things pounding the pavement that you’d easily miss from a car or a bus, and the pace of running means that it’s possible to cover distances well beyond the reach of walkers. In the past, I’ve used running to get a feel for many places — Toronto, Halifax, Edinburgh, Palm Springs, Hong Kong, Helsinki, Banff, Vancouver, and elsewhere — and I was excited to add London to my corner. Continue reading “Running London”