Great Wall at Gubeikou, Beijing, China, June 2017

Runaway.life showcases our journey of combining healthy active living with travel.  Our goal is to show others that is possible to still be healthy and active while travelling and how to keep your exercise or activity routine while exploring a new place.

Taylor Head Provincial Park, near Mushaboom, NS, August 2017

About Becky: I grew up in small town Ontario.  Once graduating high school, I went to university and completed a degree in Biology. I am looking to go back to school to pursue a degree in Nutrition. When I’m not working, I like to hike, play my flute, and spend time with my friends. Up until the recent past, I have not been extremely active; I have since discovered how much I enjoy doing yoga, running, and experimenting with new healthy recipes.

Taylor Head Provincial Park, near Mushaboom, NS, August 2017

About Alex: After four years studying political science in Toronto (and one spent skiing in western Canada), I moved to Halifax, NS for graduate school. A great opportunity on the heels of my graduate work in swept me into the exciting world of innovation policy, startup ecosystems, and venture capital — a world I’ve been happy to inhabit ever since. I’m a distance runner, skier, and avid rock climber. I also play several musical instruments, and have been a professional church musician for several years. I love exploring new types of food and drink. I’m also passionate about architecture and design, Canadian politics, and economic development.

Mount Royal Park, Montréal, October 2017.

About Us: We met and started dating in high school. Much of our relationship has been long distance, but after graduating from university, we moved to western Canada together, and then to Atlantic Canada. We share a passion for travel and the outdoors, and are excited by the chance to use London — one of the world’s greatest cities — as a jumping-off point for explorations of the British Isles and continental Europe.