The Calm.

We have officially made it to London!

The last couple of weeks have been crazy.  We finished work just two days before we left Halifax, and were soon packing up our lives, saying goodbye to good friends, and driving half-way across the country to our parents’ houses.  You would think that not working and being at home would be relaxing; you would be wrong. Catching up with friends and family and getting ready to move again consumed ten days with ease.

We took three days to get from Halifax to Southwestern Ontario.  The first day was Alex’s last day playing at church, so we didn’t get out of the city until around 2 pm.  There was a potluck lunch held after church and we were able to visit and say goodbye to everyone.  We drove to Edmundston, NB that night.  Edmundston stands out as a place where Boston Pizza is the best cuisine one can get after 5pm on Sundays. We rose very early next morning and drove to Montréal.  We arrived in Montréal around noon and met up with Alex’s sister Susannah and our friend Elias.  We spent the afternoon and evening touring around Montréal with them.

In Mount Royal Park, overlooking Montréal

Day 3 was also an early start.  We were up shortly after 6am to go out for a run before starting the longest day of our drive back.  After the run and getting some coffee with Elias, we were off to our parents’ houses.  It is about a 7 1/2 hour drive from Montréal. We were ready for some exercise by the time we got home!

The first couple of our days at home were fairly quiet.  I, Becky, was feeling under the weather, so I spent most of the first day wishing I was in bed! We picked apples, and spent time with our immediate families. Before we knew it, we were into Thanksgiving weekend. We planned so that we would be home over the Thanksgiving weekend, so a lot of our family time was over that weekend.  We had THREE Thanksgiving dinners in 24 hours! Sunday we spent a few hours at Alex’s Grandma’s place for a Thanksgiving dinner before heading to my Aunt’s house for another Thanksgiving dinner.  Two in one day is a lot…

Monday was spent at another Aunt’s house for yet another Thanksgiving dinner.  We spent the day on their farm enjoying the sun and unseasonably warm weather before heading back into the forest to a little campsite and enjoying a campfire.  Even though it was a crazy couple of days, we really enjoyed catching up with as much of our families as we could.

Tuesday was spent with a friend, Leigh, from our University days.  We toured around the Toronto Zoo while catching up on what has happened in our lives since we last saw each other a few years ago. I had never been to the zoo, which is very well laid-out and tucked away in a surprisingly rural corner of Toronto. We loved the big cats, the polar bears and Arctic wolf, and the penguins. Alex was really into all the fish…

Fish in the Toronto Zoo’s Indo-Malayan pavilion.

Wednesday was spent going through all of our stuff.  On Thursday, Alex ran to my house.  That’s a significant undertaking: it’s a distance of about 25km, and take two hours to run.  That’s the furthest Alex had ever gone. He took it easy, but ended up running a significant negative split and was quite pleased with his progress.  He made use of the hot tub after the run to help relax and stretch out all of his muscles.

The night before the run, we made up some homebrew gels to keep Alex fuelled up en route. Using coconut oil, peanut butter, honey, a splash of sweet apple cider, and lots of dates, we created a flavourful and energy-packed mix that gave Alex just the boost he needed to gain speed at kilometer eighteen.

Friday night we attended a small community meal at the church in which I grew up. Delicious pork loin was the main.  My mom told the organizers that she would bring the buns and dessert and then turned to me and asked me to make them.  I made homemade buns (recipe to come!), chocolate cupcakes and pumpkin tarts with a cookie base.  All of these were egg free, as there was a person who is allergic to eggs attending the event.  It was fun catching up with everyone at the church — I have known most people who were there all my life.

Saturday was spent with Alex’s Grandma and Sunday was spent with my immediate family.  My mom wanted family pictures done while I was away.  The person she got to do it was a long-lost high school friend of mine. It was great catching up with her — as well as my family!  We spent most of the day together with my grandparents joining late afternoon for the end of pictures and some dinner.

And on Monday, we left the country. Details on the trip over coming in the next post.

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