Beginning a New Adventure

Some things in our lives are winding down; others are gearing up.  It seems as if we all we are doing is working, packing, and planning.  Moving across an ocean is not easy.

Moving to the UK has been something Alex has talked about doing for a long time.  I was not always as interested as I am now, but thought it was an interesting idea that would probably never take shape.  When we started talking about it again this year, I was all for it.

The UK offers what is called a Tier 5 Visa.  People under 30 from certain Commonwealth countries (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) can apply to live and work in the UK for up to two years without sponsorship.  We started the paperwork, and it didn’t feel like it was going to happen.  We submitted the applications, and it didn’t feel like it was going to happen.  Going to the biometrics appointment still didn’t make it feel like it was going to happen.  Even now that the visas have been approved, I still don’t think it feels like it is going to happen.  It’s something I’m really excited for and, honestly, a little nervous about.  Moving without a job or a place to live lined up is not exactly in my comfort zone; but it’s an adventure.

Both of us are in our last week of work and we start our trip back to Ontario on Sunday.  Saying goodbye to all of our friends here is not an easy thing to do.  The people I work with are amazing, and I have already almost cried at work several times this week because I’m sad to leave them all.

We’re feeling a lot of emotions right now; it’s really bittersweet.  We are sad to leave our friends and family, but we are excited to begin this new adventure.  Join our adventure right here as we show you what we get up to in our travels and how we maintain our healthy, active lifestyle in the process.

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